Hello. My name is David Garrison. I am a custom felt hat maker. I have been a fan of fedoras,  
since watching my first old Humph
rey Bogart, George Raft and Alan Ladd movies. When I saw
Raider of the Lost Ark in 1981, I was forever changed
, when I saw the opening shot of Indiana
Jones standing in front of the distant mountain. His hat was the greatest thing I had ever seen.
Flash forward to 2009. Over the previous five years, I had become good friends with Steve Delk.
We obssesed over details of Indiana Joneses hat. As it turned out, in 2007, he made the hats
for the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
After having a passion about felt hats, in 2009, Steve invited me to his shop and taught me the
craft of hat making. I absorbed all I could, and soon went into business myself. I enjoy this craft
and have expanded my offering to what you see here today. It is a great satisfaction to
me to
assemble a hat from the beginning to end. A trade that has all
, but vanished, is being kept alive
at Garrison Hatters. I aim to keep producing the finest hat
s around.
About Me
Garrison Hatters
My inspirations

During the 1930"s, 1940's and 1950's, men's hats reached the pentacle of style. Movies during
those times exemplified the looks of those eras. Many hays became a part of the character as
the actors who wore them.
Just as films of the present strive to recreate the look from these nostalgic decades, I have
recreated some of these styles, based on films of the past and present. Bogart, Ford and Ladd
are represented here. Hats that embody the images from the silver screen, Fedoras with
More than just movies, I have been inspired by my family. Pictures of them wearing there own,
well cared for, hats are part of my memories growing up. I have taken influence from them in
developing well made hats for the everyday wearer. A hat was as much a daily item as a pocket
knife. I wanted to continue that tradition.