Hats With Character
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10 years of experience
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Fine Hats for Fine People

Welcome to Garrison Hatters. I am a hat maker who likes felt fedoras and specialty hats from
films. Striving to recreate the look and style of hats tat  I have found a fondness for from films. I
use the highest quality materials for my hats, so they are meant for daily use. You will find how
much you enjoy the hat you select and realise how much you have wanted one.

I specialize in recreating hats worn by the likes of Bogart, Ford and Ladd. Fedoras with
character. Hats that are as recognizable as the actors who wore them. Styles right out of the
1930's, 1940's and 1950's.

You will enjoy the quality that can only come from a maker that takes care to form the felt bodies,
size the hat band and craft the features to produce a hat that instantly distinguishes itself from
common stock hats. A quality felt hat that will last for years and will evolve with the character of
the wearer.
Custom made (bespoked) felt fedoras

Our fedoras are custom made to fit your head. No other "off the shelf" hat comes close. Our
hatbands are the most luxuriois feeling. Easily put it on and quickly forget that you are wearing it,
because it is so comfortable.
The felt bodies I use are high quality. There are two felt offerings you can choose. Either 100%
rabbit felt or 100% beaver. Both are long lasting felts that will last for years.
Garrison Hatters